Death Away From Home

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OFDA Brochure – Death Away From Home


…In Another Community

Oftentimes, individuals move to another community or maintain a second residence but desire funeral services be conducted in the Zanesville or Muskingum Co. area. Funeral or cremation arrangements can be completed and pre-arranged with our funeral home before moving.When death occurs, the family should contact our funeral home before arranging any type of final disposition services, particularly if the transfer of the deceased to the Marion area is desired.

…Outside the United States

If a person dies while traveling outside the United States, officials in the foreign country will notify the U.S. Embassy in the country where death occurs. Our professional funeral home staff is familiar with the procedures for returning your loved one to the United States.

…When Traveling

it is helpful for persons to carry a wallet-size card indicating the name and phone number of the next of kin and the name and phone numbers of our funeral home. Travel insurance is an additional option you may consider.

When death is sudden or unexpected, the coroner or medical examiner is involved and can help coordinate arrangements with our funeral home for preparation and return of your loved one to the Marion area.

Documents Required

A death certificate is completed in the locality of the death. A burial/transit permit is issued for either cremation or burial. Items that often are needed, other than name, address, etc., are:

  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth (city and state)
  • Social security number
  • Veteran status
  • Educational level
  • Parents’ names including mother’s maiden name
  • Place of burial/cremation
  • Usual occupation


People plan ahead for financial obligations for possible disaster. Planning for funeral or cremation services is no exception. Final disposition pre-arrangements can include the selection of services, casket or urn, type of disposition and other specific details.

Funds are either deposited in a trust fund or an insurance product specifically designed for funeral or cremation expenses. Funds designated for final services are paid to the funeral home only upon completion of the services. Pre-arrangements may also be made without setting aside funds.

When a person seeks information from our funeral home, they should be sure there is a complete understanding of the services to be provided and the charges to be made. The funeral director will be more than willing to provide this information prior to death or at the time funeral or cremation arrangements are being completed.

Death can be a traumatic experience, especially if it occurs away from home. Our professional funeral service staff is qualified to assist the survivor(s) in making final arrangements and is available for conference if needed.

Helpful Notes…

Obtain the most cost effective funeral arrangement by contacting our funeral home prior to purchasing any merchandise.

Regardless of distance, one of our licensed funeral directors is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This funeral director can coordinate all services by telephone. These services include:

    • Arrangement for transportation of the deceased back to the Marion area
    • Preparation of the deceased
    • Acquiring proper documentation and permits
    • Planning the funeral or memorial service
    • Arrangement for the burial or cremation