Our Services


We understand that choosing a final remembrance of a loved one is a very personal decision. When you meet with one of our funeral directors, we can help you create a personalized service that meets your needs.



*These services will require a casket and vault for burial.

A service with visitation at the funeral home, church or venue of your choice with burial to follow.

Visitation followed by a service at the graveside.

A service without any visitation followed by graveside burial.

A service at the graveside only.

An immediate burial which would not require embalming without any public viewing.



Cremation may be the way in which you choose to handle the final disposition of a loved one but does not limit the types of services available to you.

Types of Cremation Services

A direct cremation refers to a cremation without any services or visitation.

Cremation with a memorial service or visitation at the funeral home or a venue of your choice.

A visitation and or service with your loved one present using a cremation casket or one of our rental caskets with cremation to follow.

We offer different types of urns to accommodate your needs, whether it is for burial, scattering or keeping your loved one’s cremated remains with you.



A green burial is a burial without any embalming. The body is placed in a biodegradable basket or shroud. There is no public viewing, and the service is held at a cemetery that allows for green burial.


A livestream of the service at the funeral home is available. A link is put on next to the obituary and can be viewed at the time of the service.