Geri Ryan

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January 17, 2010

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Friday January 22, 2010 6-8 p.m.


Saturday January 23, 2010 1:30 p.m.


Geri L. Ryan, age 52, of Westerville, January 17, 2010 at home. Teacher at Childtime Learning Center in Columbus. Geri loved children and was a mother to all. Survived by her husband, Michael; children, Brandon and Matthew Ryan; mother, Gay Cahall; father, John Dixon; grandmother, Eleanor Dixon; brothers, Paul Dixon and John (Peggy) Dixon; several nieces and nephews. Preceded in death by step-father, Charles Cahall. Friends may call at the MORELAND FUNERAL HOME, 55 E. Schrock Road, Westerville, Friday 6-8 p.m. where service will be held Saturday at 1:30 p.m.. Interment Blendon Central Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to Make a Wish Foundation.


Rachael - Jan 23, 2010

It is always hard to express feelings when there is such a great loss. Geri was a very unique woman. She was so full of life,love and spirit. When I first met her at Childtime I knew she was special. She was very talkative and glee. It was always great to get a hug every morning. She was so giving to each and everyone if us at the center. She gave all of her love and uniquness to each and every child. She had such love and compassion for each child. She is now a part of watching over all of God’s children. She loved her sons so much. She talked highly of them all the time. So Brandon and Matty keep all the love and spirit alive that she gave you in your hearts everyday and always remember that she has and always will believe in you and be with you always. God bless all of you and my prayers go out to you.

Crystal Tate - Jan 22, 2010

I met Geri at JP Morgan Chase formerly Bank One many years ago. She was a very nice person, and a pleasure to work with. The memories of Geri’s will never be forgotten. My thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends. God bless! Crystal

Talishia & Adrah - Jan 22, 2010

First to Ms.Geri’s family, my sincere sympathy,condolences, and prayers are with you. Ms. Geri was certainly an angel on earth, she was a gift to ChildTime and to every little person that she came in contact with. From the moment Adrah (aka Juicy Fruit) came to the daycare, she loved her. When Adrah didn’t feel well, I knew at some point Geri would be holding her. Her happiness and love was contagious. She gave something that would mean more to any parent who knew her…security that your child was ok when yor weren’t there. She gave 200% of herself to those kids, and I consider it not only a priviledge, but a honor that I had the opportunity to get to know her as Adrah got older, and even though “Juicy Fruit” was not in her class, you would have never known it. Geri kept her special in her heart and that is more than I could ever ask for. She was a part of an awesome team of teachers that anyone would be proud to call their friend. We love you and miss you always—-Talishia, Adrah (Juicy Fruit),and Family

Mandy Warble/Nicholas - Jan 22, 2010

My heart goes out to the Geri’s family and friends during this loss. Geri was a huge part of my son’s life over the past year. He absolutely loved her and would always give her a huge high five. She will be missed so much at Childtime, it definetly won’t be the same without her. Rest in peace Geri…..

Erica - Jan 21, 2010

My thoughts and prayers are with your family at this time…..I just want to say that I am so glad to have had the pleasure of working with and getting to know Ms. Geri. She was a gifted individual who gave her 110% to Childtime each and every day she was there. The children all loved her with all of their hearts and she will truly be missed by all of us there!

sharon campbell - Jan 21, 2010

My thoughts are with you all. Geri will be missed by many. I will try to support Gay-John-Paul in any way I can.

Jim, Holly, and Madison Kirn - Jan 21, 2010

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Geri’s friends and family. While our family only knew Geri for a short time, she left an impressionable mark on our 3 year old daughter, Madison. Whenever we would ask Madison where she learned something, she would always say, “Ms. Geri said that”. Geri had a very positive influence on our daughter and we know Madison will forever remember Ms. Geri. We are all blessed to have known her.

gwyn williams - Jan 20, 2010

Matt, I am so sorry to hear about your mom. Losing one’s mother is so difficult at any stage in life. But the pain gradually diminishes and the space fills with memories and joys of her life. Lots of Love ,

Heather H - Jan 20, 2010

I express my sincere sympathy to the entire family through this tough time. I knew Geri as a friend as well as a co-employee of Childtime. She had such a bubbly personality that it was hard not to be happy when you were in her presence. Geri was an individual who would always greet me when I walked into the building to start my shift and when we left for home each night. I will so sadly miss hearing Geri’s voice from acros the room when I step foot into Childtime each day. As hard as it is to believe, Geri must have been taken from us for a job only fit for her and I believe she is in a much better place now. Again I am so sorry for your loss and Geri will never be forgotten…~Heather H~

Kristin Garrett/Gavin DeWitt - Jan 20, 2010

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Geri’s friends and family. She was a special kind of person and will be missed by many. My son and I always enjoyed Geri’s smile and caring heart while at Child Time. Geri made a very trying time in our lives much easier to handle and we will keep those memories close to our hearts.

Jack Loless, Jr. - Jan 20, 2010

It is difficult to accept that someone who was so filled with life is no longer alive. Geri was a person who loved my kids and it showed. She shared Georgie’s story of the flying unicorn farm and the barns I had built to keep them in. Georgie was connected with Geri specially and it was wonderful. Charlie never failed to get love and encouragement from her as well.
You have to send your children into the world and you pray that noone will hurt them, you pray that they will cared for by people who couldnt possibly love them as much as you do. Geri,(Miss Geri to Charlie and Georgie)was an answer to that prayer. I thank the Lord for letting my children be in her care. I know that she abides with Him now, away from the pain of life and in the happiness of His embrace.
My mother, Barbara Copely also sends her regrets about Geri’s death and asked that I say so here. After meeting Geri at the school, she wrote a wonderful letter about her that Sarah said moved Geri to tears. We are all moved to tears at this time and want all that remain to know how deeply she will be missed by so many.

Marie and Kaitlyn Hernandez - Jan 20, 2010

My dearest Condolences to the family of a very special woman! I had the pleasure of working with Ms. Geri and saw how she touched the lives of the children in every class she was in! Kaitlyn loved her Ms.Geri! You will be very well missed Ms. Geri!

The Stefano Family - Jan 20, 2010

We want to express our sincerest sympathy to Geri’s family at such a difficult time. We had the pleasure of seeing Geri multiple times per week as our 2 children attend Childtime and I always found it impossible not to smile when I heard her cheerful greeting and saw her wonderful smiling face in the morning. People like Geri come into our lives and leave a lasting mark on our hearts; it will always be that way for myself, my husband and I’m sure my son, 4. Geri’s patience, her mothering and fun loving nature not only helped our son Cameron to adjust, but to also enjoy going to “school”. One of the things I’ll always remember is that he now calls his little sister, “squirt”, because that is what Geri called Aidan. I’m sure you all know what a gift Geri was to each person she met and knew, but we wanted you all to know how loved she was, and that she will never be forgotten. All our thoughts and prayers will stay with you and your families, always.
Love and Prayers,
Sarah and Sean Stefano, and family

Jen,Mariah,andZoe - Jan 19, 2010

I want to start off by saying how sorry I am for your loss.Geri meant alot to me and my children and our family at childtime.Im going to miss calling her my Geri Berry..She was like a mom to everyone.She would do anything she could to put a smile on our face.She always talked about her boys,she was so proud of both of you…You two are very lucky to had a mother who loved you so much.I know that Geri will always be in my thoughts and I am glad i had a chance to be part of her life.We all will miss her..

Heather - Jan 19, 2010

I want to begin by expressing my sympathy to Geri’s mother and children. Geri was such an azmaing woman, words can’t express the way she touched peoples live over the time she spent on this earth. Geri had such a special way of making everyones day a little bit better, a little bit happier. I will never forget the advice and encouragment I got from Geri on some of my worst days. Geri was the most giving and caring person and I know that she is smiling down on us all from up above. I will miss her dearly and will think about her often. Love- Heather

Ashley Malone - Jan 19, 2010

Wow..where do I begin? From the first day I met Geri I knew she was a gift sent from above. She always had a way of putting a smile on my face; even when I thought it was impossible to smile! I was so lucky to have the chance to get to know Geri, we had so many days that we would crack up laughing at the dumbest things. At my graduation in September I was so happy to see Geri there; her son graduated as well. I will never forget her bright smile as she ran over to me hugging and saying how proud she was to get to see me graduate! I will always hold that memory dear to my heart. I know that she is now in a better place watching over us! She always said that in her next life she wanted to come back as a fairy godmother! Even though we may not be able to see Geri I know that she will always be here..forever in our hearts! I love you Geri!!!! <3 Your friend, Ashley Malone

Jennifer Fairchild - Jan 19, 2010

To all of Geri’s family i can not tell you how sorry i am for your loss. I loved Geri very much. She was like a mother to me and one of my best friends. Ever since I have heard this terrible news i have been in a cloud of tears, but i am trying to think of all the wonderful memories i have of her. The song “over the rainbow” from wizard of oz, geri’s favorite keeps going through my head, and i know now that geri made it over the rainbow and is in heaven. i will miss her always. i love you geri.

angela Huff/ Brianna Huff - Jan 19, 2010

I really don’t know where to begin and end but I’m just going to say first of all, All My thoughts,Prayers and Condolences go out to Mrs.Geri’s Children and Family. Mrs.Geri was soooo infectious with her smile,Loud mouth,and Positive attitude. The children at Childtime Love good ole Mrs.Geri!! Parents would Request to have Mrs.Geri as their child(rens) teacher! Mrs.Geri would always do whatever the kids wanted to do from dancing to the Cha-Cha,Electric slide,Celebration etc to sitting on the floor and letting 5-6 girls just comb threw her hair with their fingers and at times getting her hair into tangles and knots all over. She was the kids big doll baby that they just loved to do whatever to. My daughter Brianna also known as Bri-Bri or even Diva Bri Loved Mrs. Geri they had a Special kind of relationship. Brianna is a little over 4 years old and every since Brianna turned 2 every morning Mrs.Geri would say Ahh-ahh Give me the passy Bri, and Bri would Laugh and hand it over. She would never give Mrs.Geri any problems with doing so, But when it comes to anyone else Bri would cry,make a nasty face etc. And when I would go to pick Bri up after work the first thing Brianna would do is get excited and say mommy mommy give me my passy,Then she would Tease mrs.Geri, and say Geri I got my Passy, Ha ha ha! Then Mrs.Geri would chase her around the center. Brianna plans on giving Mrs.Geri her Passy one last time (at the showing) to take with her to give the babies that need it in Heaven,But Mrs.Geri was a Great Loving Caring Teacher who believed it’s a Kids world! She not only touched our Children’s Hearts But Many of us Parents! Many Times she would tell me “Mom Hang in there!” And always give me Hugs to keep me going as a Single mom of 3 kids. She will Greatly be Missed and Never ever Forgotten!! We Love you Mrs.Geri and How Blessed those Babies and Children in Heaven are sooo Lucky to have you with them. I keep reminding myself “God only takes the Best”!! And that was proven to me on 1-17-10! All my Love Brianna’s mom -Angela and of course Diva Bri –

Sarah - Jan 19, 2010

I can not begin to express to you my symapathy for your loss. Geri was a very special person to me in a lot of ways. Geri was a friend first and foremost, a very dear friend. Geri was a great staff member, she was loved by all of the parents that she came in contact with, which was all of them on a daily basis. She was loved very much by her Childtime family. She would put a smile of all of our faces if we were having a not so good day, she lit up the center. Geri was also a nurturer to all of the children. She loved the children at the center. They meant the world to her. She would come into work to see the kids just to brighten up her day on her days off. The kids adored Geri and they loved her. Geri meant a lot not only to me but to my family, especially my children. Aiden,2, and Alli,7, both adorded Geri. Aiden could not wait until the end of the night to come out of his classroom to get his special hug from his Ms. Geri. Alli enjoyed sharing her secret school information with Geri that she didn’t want to share with me or my husband. I have had the honor of knowing a wonderful person: a friend, a teacher, a staff member and a mother to all. She will be greatly missed by me, my family and my staff. We love you Geri!!!!!
Sarah, Mark, Alli and Aiden Stertzbach

Kiara Curry / India Curry - Jan 19, 2010

Words can not express how sorry we are for your loss. We know her as Ms.Geri from Childtime she has been such a HUGE part of our lives there. My 2 daughters India (7) & Noel (3) love her so much, and India was extremely close to Ms.Geri. For a long time if Ms.Geri wasnt there it was very difficult to drop India off for pre-school. She just had a way of caring and loving India and all the kids there that will not be replaced. I had the pleasure of giving Ms.Geri her 1st pedicure and during that hour or so that we spent together at the salon we just got even closer. We will miss her sunshine smile and giving, and loving spirit. I can’t imagine Childtime without her there to greet us parents with her energetic hello’s and goodbyes. God must have needed a angel in heaven to teach the children is what I’m telling India and this is what I believe for Ms.Geri is a very rare jewel and she was indeed a Angel on Earth. We will continue to pray for your family and you all have our deepest sympathy’s. Ms.Geri will live in our hearts forever and may we all strive to be more like her. Sincerely, Kiara, Nick, India, Noel, and Grandma Marcia We love you Ms.Geri

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